Our Commitment


From materials to production technology, we think big picture and long term.


Our Grade AA BRC accreditation guides our sourcing, product safety and warehousing best practice.


4 Aces recognises that we must do our part and is a member of SEDEX.

Future Proof

The world and our industry is changing fast. As your Partner in Packaging, 4 Aces are ahead of the curve.

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We are committed to providing a supply chain that meets our customers’ expectations of quality, value and sustainability, with our environmental impact at the forefront of our thinking.

We are constantly assessing new materials and bespoke innovations, to provide our customers with all they require. With improved sourcing from markets closer to home and ongoing commitments to relevant memberships and environmental governing bodies, our drive for a sustainable future is a core value for us.

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What is Flustix?

Flustix seals are the world’s only reliable and independent seals for plastic free products and packaging. Flustix also certifies the recycled content of products and the recyclability of packaging.

Why is FLUSTIX important?

One of the most important components in the fight against the climate crisis is the establishment of a functioning circular economy. We as a society must learn to be more careful with our resources. This means: doing without plastic where we can and reusing it where we cannot.

Through the Flustix seal, consumers can verify the authenticity of companies’ sustainability claims.

WHY choose Flustix over any other accreditor?

Flustix seals are the world’s only reliable and independent seals for plasticfree products and packaging. Flustix seals are valid and recognised worldwide. We and our partners (Wessling Laboratories, Din Certco, TÜV Rheinland) always work with state-of-the-art technology. One thing is certain: you can rely on Flustix.

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What does a Flustix accreditation mean for businesses?

Not only consumers, but also business partners can use Flustix to verify the authenticity of companies’ sustainability statements. This makes it easier to choose with whom one prefers to do business. Flustix certified companies benefit in several ways: high transparency, legal certainty, better image and increased sales. Because more and more consumers want independently verified sustainability – and they are also prepared to pay more for it.



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