A new kind of
paper cup

We believe in a world where quality and responsibility go hand in hand. That’s why we’re proud to introduce our new line of certified recyclable, plastic-free and compostable cups.* Made using paperboard (FSC®-certified of course) sourced from sustainable forests, a clever barrier coating technology and some innovative thinking, these little cups contain a world of exciting potential.

✓ leak-proof

✓ made with certified plastic-free paperboard

✓ no liners

✓ responsibly sourced FSC®-certified materials

*CUPkind cups are made from FSC®-certified, responsibly sourced virgin paperboard, which is certified plastic-free, certified recyclable and certified as suitable for home and industrial composting.

One small change, a world of difference

It’s time to make the switch from plastic-lined paper cups. Our innovative, industry-leading
technology means that our simple, yet effective, fuss-free cups have all the functionality you
want, levelled up into one sustainable, planet-friendly package.


No plastic (PE/PLA)liners here. We make our cups with virgin FSC®-certified plastic-free paperboard which can be recycled up to 7 times and used in recycled products.


Our compostable cups are suitable for home and industrial composting.

High-quality & safe

Leak-proof and crack-proof. Industry experts have put our products through rigorous independent testing to ensure they meet globally recognised quality standards and food safety compliance.

Certified plastic-free*

Our line of products is made using responsibly sourced FSC®-certified virgin paperboard and aqueous coating technology. That’s it! Completely PE (petrol plastic) and PLA (bioplastic) free.


Our virgin paperboard is sustainably sourced from FSC®-certified responsibly managed forests.

Kind to our planet

Using recyclable and compostable materials*, we’re diverting single-use paper cups from landfill and ocean littering, closing the loop to create sustainability across the entire global supply chain.

CUPkind's range of plastic-free paper cups

Whatever the beverage, our versatile and affordable range of cups have you covered to cater for any occasion. From double-walled disposable cups for hot drinks, to vending cups, each item is made from high-quality, sustainable materials that won’t leak or crack. Take a  look at our recyclable range.

CUPkind vs. traditional vending cups

Get your sustainable cups

Support the planet, your customers and your business with our certified plastic-free, recyclable and compostable cups.*


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