sustainably focused food & beverage packaging.

Our two-decade legacy is built on providing commercially focused food and beverage packaging solutions with a commitment to sustainability and quality.

By working with strategic packaging manufacturers, we have been able to create valuable partnerships in key markets to bring our customers a comprehensive range of value-based products alongside tailored printed solutions.

Our selection includes a variety of ranges and materials, including Recycled PET smoothie cups, eco-conscious bagasse takeaway dishes, core everyday packaging consumables, and our specialist CUPkind brand cups – all designed to meet sustainable consumer packaging requirements.

Our packaging experts are here to help you find the right product. We constantly assess new materials and bespoke innovations to find the perfect sustainable fit. Our in-house designers can boost your brand with printed products and custom solutions.

Every product we offer is carefully selected with sustainability at the core. We are committed to providing a supply chain that meets new and emerging sustainability best practices; from the materials chosen to the products end-of-life.

This value encompasses our relationships with customers, suppliers, and peers/colleagues. It reflects our collaborative approach to achieving common goals.

This value focuses on our commitment to the environment, sustainability, accreditations, engagement, and education. It underscores our dedication to being responsible industry leaders.

This value emphasises our commitment to commercial success, product quality, exceptional value, and going above and beyond for our stakeholders.

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