Partnerships for progress

Closing the loop.

4 Aces is not just about providing exceptional food service packaging solutions – we are also committed to making a positive impact on the environment. Our “Closing the Loop” initiative is focused on informing our customers and supporting ongoing sustainability efforts. Our collaborations enable us to offer comprehensive recycling and composting solutions, ensuring that our products have a sustainable end-of-life plan. 

Our Partners

Working together for a better future.

Over 90% of today’s single-use cups are not recycled properly, so At 4 Aces, we believe that education is the first step towards sustainable practices. That’s why we are committed to providing our customers with the knowledge and resources they need to make environmentally responsible choices.

When you partner with us we provide advice on topics from waste reduction to guides on recycling.

Our partners.

Our partnerships with industry leaders are instrumental in our mission to close the loop on food service packaging waste. Our partnerships include:

The co-cre8 paper cup recycling scheme encourages businesses to recycle the equivalent weight of paper cups that members place on the market.

How co-cre8 works.

Sign up

Get access to a nationwide collection service and expert guidance, ensuring compliance with UK recycling regulations.

Set up collection

Install customisable co-cre8 cup collection units at your premises, supported by a tracking system for accurate cup collection data.

Recycle and report

Use the co-cre8 online portal for data management and fulfill recycling reporting requirements, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Veolia are experts in waste management and ensure that products are responsibly recycled, minimising their environmental impact. “Stack it, Pack it, Post it” coffee cup recycling.

Veolia supply your business with specialist internal bins for the disposal of cups, lids, and stirrers, collected by nationwide couriers and sent for reprocessing, improving your green credentials. 

How Veolia cup recycling works.


Gather any size of used coffee cups from your premises. Veolia can provide customers with specially designed bins and has a process to ensure any remaining liquid is drained separating the lid, sleeve and cup.


Reuse any cardboard box to pack the collected cups securely using a clear plastic liner inside. Then, contact the recycling team to book a collection.


A dedicated courier will promptly collect the packaged cups on behalf of Veolia and deliver it to their nearest recovery facility. Any materials that cannot be recycled will be used to generate green energy.

First Mile offers an easy to use, sustainable service, to enable businesses to recycle compostable products nationally. Their goal is to support businesses to minimise their carbon impact by reducing waste, sending nothing to landfill and helping to improve your recycling rate.

With 25+ recycling services they help businesses reduce waste with anything that can’t be recycled getting turned into energy to power homes.

  • Waste converted into fertiliser
  • 7 days a week collection
  • B Corp Certified
  • Low-cost recycling boxes
  • Easy to return difficult to recycle items

How First Mile works.

Use our smart bins

You will receive a pack of four prepaid return boxes which transform into smart recycling collection bins for your compostable products.

Prepare and schedule collection

Once full, you can book a prepaid courier collection by scanning the QR codes found on the box. First Mile will confirm a collection time and collect the waste from inside your premises.

Return the recycling

The box is returned to the First Mile centre where they separate the materials and check for contamination. Compostable materials are broken down using high heat and pressure to create biogas and liquid digestate to be used as fertiliser.

We invite you to join us in our journey towards a more sustainable future by choosing 4 Aces products and embracing eco-friendly practices.