To compost, or not to compost, that is the question!

Composting. There’s something so organic about it as a means of disposal isn’t there? It feels earthy, natural, returning something to the land from whence it came. But before you throw items onto the compost heap or sign your business up to industrial composting, it’s worth asking if there might be a better way.

Our new range of paper CUPkind cups are certified compostable and recyclable*, opening up a number of planet-friendly options for businesses and individual consumers to dispose of your used cups.

Recent UK research has found that eco-conscious consumers are more likely to prefer compostable materials over recycled plastics[1] but let’s take a moment to break this down. Plastics aside, in order to manufacture these products in the first place, precious raw materials will have been used. Even if those materials are ethically and sustainably sourced (like CUPkind’s FSC®-certified virgin paperboard), a tree has still been cut down. So, let’s maximise the use of that tree!

Recycling cups is better for the environment. The fibre from the cups can be used again for paper products such as boxes up to seven times over! That’s better than cutting down new trees. Follow our easy guidance for choosing your best recycling options here or simply scan the nifty QR code that’s printed on every one of our cups.

Ultimately, either option is better than chucking your packaging into general waste and having it carted off to landfill, so it’s nothing to get tied up in knots over. But when it comes to disposal, think recycling first and composting as your planet-friendly plan B!

To speak to our team about our range of recyclable and compostable cups, contact us now by clicking here.

*CUPkind cups are made from FSC®-certified, responsibly sourced virgin paperboard, which is certified  recyclable, and certified as suitable for home and industrial composting.