Cold Cups

Paper pints and halves to brim.

Our Paper Pints and Halves (to brim) combine functionality with practicality to offer a premium product for the food and beverage industry.

Serve takeaway cold drinks in style with these cups made from sustainably sourced, recyclable and compostable paper, and no PE/PLA liner.

paper pint linen
paper pint linen

At 4 Aces, our Paper Pints and Halves (to brim), are the preferred choice for eco-conscious customers requiring a quality, durable, sustainable product.

  • Certification: UKCA certified.
  • Recyclable: Certified recyclable and compostable.
  • Sustainable: Aqueous barrier coating, and PE/PLA liner free.
  • Design: Bespoke prints available
NameWall TypeMaterialSKUPallet Quantity
Paper Pint to BrimSingleAqueous Coated PaperPFPTB18
Paper Half Pint to BrimSingle Aqueous Coated PaperPFHPTB32

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4 Aces is constantly assessing new materials and bespoke innovations to provide our customers in the food and beverage industry with all packaging options they require. With improved sourcing from markets closer to home and ongoing commitments to relevant memberships and environmental governing bodies, our unwavering commitment to a sustainable future is at the heart of everything we do.

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