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Exclusively from Genpak, America’s leading food packaging manufacturer.
Pleated white paper portion pot. Biodegradable and compostable. Ideal for tasters at exhibitions, medication and condiments.
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5.5oz Compostable Portion Pots
Description Product code Quantity per case Pallet quantity Materials Capacity Beverage type Vending Diameters Select Quantity Add to list
1oz Compostable Portion Pots GEPAPPW50000A 5000 65 Paper 1oz - n/a 42mm
1.25oz Compostable Portion Pots GEPAPPW50000F 5000 60 Paper 1.25oz - n/a 43mm
2oz Compostable Portion Pots GEPAPPW50000 5000 54 Paper 2oz - n/a 53mm
3.25oz Compostable Portion Pots GEPAPPW50000C 5000 30 Paper 3.25oz - No 64mm
4oz Compostable Portion Pots GEPAPPW50000B 5000 30 Paper 4oz - n/a -
5.5oz Compostable Portion Pots GEPAPPW50000G 5000 30 Paper 5.5oz - No 80mm