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Durable and strong CE marked plastic pints and half pints. We have plastic pint and half pint to rim and plastic pint and half pint to line options available. They are 100% recyclable and stackable making them perfect for music festivals and events where glass is not suitable.
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Half Pint to Brim
Description Product code Quantity per case Pallet quantity Materials Capacity Beverage type Vending Diameters Select Quantity Add to list
Half Pint to Brim DVPPCHPTB 1000 45 Polypropylene 10oz Cold No 80mm
Pint to Brim DVPPCPTB 1000 24 Polypropylene Pint / 20oz Cold No 97mm
CE Marked PP Pint to Line GIPPPTLC 1000 24 Polypropylene 12oz Cold No 80mm
CE Marked PP Half Pint to Line GIPPHPTLC 1000 54 Polypropylene 22oz Cold No 97mm