Frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about CUPkind.

Is my cup plastic-free?

Yes, CUPkind cups are made from certified plastic-free virgin paperboard, sourced from FSC®-certified forests, which is authorised by a leading EU-wide accreditation body.  The packaging that our cups are supplied in is also plastic-free!

What is better – recycling or composting the cup?

Recycling your cup is better for the environment (the fibre from the cups can be used again for paper products such as boxes up to 7 times over!)*. That’s better than cutting down new trees! However, composting is still a great alternative to sticking it into general waste.

How long does it take for my CUPkind cup to fully degrade?

If your cup was placed in a waste stream that’s sent to an industrial composter, then it would decompose within 12 weeks. If you were to place the cup in a home composting bin, as long as you had the right conditions, it would start to decompose within 2-3 months.

Can it be home composted?

Yes! CUPkind is certified for home composting, as well as through industrial composting schemes.

Where I go to regularly (workplace, educational establishment, or other) doesn't have a cup collection scheme in place. What can they do to set one up?

To find out what’s possible in your local area, in the first instance, we recommend speaking with your waste provider. There are also a number of bin solutions & collection scheme providers in the UK. Still stuck? Don’t hesitate to contact us & we will do our best to help to find a solution.

What happens if my cup ends up in general waste?

General waste goes to either incineration or landfill. If CUPkind cups are incinerated, energy is produced which feeds the national grid (with no volatile gases or residue!).

In landfill, studies show compostable packaging doesn’t give off methane like standard conventional plastic products do.

How can I become a distributor?

We are looking to make this more accessible. Send us an email today via our Contact page to find out more.

Where can you deliver to?

The UK, EU & beyond. We have a global supply & distribution network. To find out if we can deliver to your territory, contact us today.

How did CUPkind come about?

CUPkind & the KIND Revolution initiative was formed following the 2016 BBC documentary ‘War on Waste’. Led by Alchemy Enterprise Group & 4 Aces Limited, we’re a group of industry leaders, distribution & supply chain partners who have been working together since 2016 to bring this product to market.

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