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If you are in need of a product that is individual to you or want to offer your customers a way of standing out from the competition in a crowded industry, our bespoke print service can help. Advertising a brand is essential for success and printed cups can be a great way to do this. Turn both customers and end users alike into brand advocates and reach your target audience on the go.  Our manufacturing partners, can offer print runs from as little as 1 case for promotional and small retail outlets, to major print runs suiting national retailers and brands. Prices are highly competitive and can often be supported with contracted storage and transport services . 

We have a range of products to offer including; Paper, Plastic and Biodegradable materials printed in a number of options and sizes to better cater to you. Cannot see what you are looking for? We pride ourselves on our quality customer service and flexibility, let us know what you require and we will rise to the challenge.  

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We offer a wide range of printing options from hot cups, cold cups and even half pints and pints.

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Add colours, branding, text and even images to make your products special and completely unique to your business.

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When you are happy with your designs, simply sign off the artwork. Stock holding agreements can also be signed where applicable.

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Now sit back and wait for the finish product to be delivered!



Whilst we try to make our bespoke print service as simple as possible, we do get a few questions from time to time. See the list below for an instant answer to our most frequent queries.


What is an EPS. or AI. file?

AI. files and EPS. files are the preferred format for submitted cup artwork. AI. is a vector-artwork based design file that makes it easy to work with original artwork. These recreated in a program called Illustrator. When saving files from Adobe Illustrator, you’ll see the *.ai or filename.ai extension indicating an Illustrator file. Encapsulated Post-Script (*.eps) is another common format that’s great for working with original artwork. These can also be created in Adobe Illustrator. When saving files in EPS. format, you’ll see the *.eps or filename.eps extension indicating an Illustrator file. If you had your logo or artwork designed by a creative agency or someone in-house with the Adobe Suite, they will have access to these files.


What if I do not have EPS., AI. Or PDF. versions of my requested artwork?

You are more than welcome to send us what you have and we can try our very best to work our magic on what we receive. Please be aware, some formats like JPEG or PNG will not offer enough quality for print and may have to be recreated which can take a lot of time, this may incur a charge. Our team will advise you on this and will not process anything without consulting you first.


Is there a minimum cup run?

We have facilities to do both short runs and long runs of printed cups. The higher the quantity the cheaper per cup. We completely understand there is more to consider than price including time scale and storage so please do not hesitate to talk to one of our Sales Reps to see what the best options are for you.


How long will I have to wait for my cups?

For short runs (quantities under 50,000 cups), lead time is around 15-20 working days from print approval to delivery. Depending on your needs, we can offer an express service on short print runs, this may incur an extra charge. Any orders for 50,000 or above, will take up to 16 weeks from print approval to delivery.


I already have the cup made by someone else and want you to recreate it. Can you do that?

Of course! We will need working files of your current designs. Sometimes you can request a working file from your supplier. It would be an added bonus if you can send 3 or 4 photos of the existing cup to us. If the artwork is not obtainable we will try our very best to recreate the artwork however this will increase time scales and may incur a charge, these things will need to be considered should you have a deadline. Our team will advise you on this and will not process anything without consulting you first.


I need a little help understanding colour requirements. Please help?

Spot colours (Pantones) is the printing system we use and all colours will be converted to this for the purpose of manufacture. If you have your colour palette in Pantones, Great! If you do not have any Pantones, not to worry. We can accept other colour systems like CMYK, RGB or even Hex and we will convert to Pantone for you. You can also send us a clear image of the colour you require; we can convert to a Pantone for you if you have nothing. There may be subtle differences to the colour that can happen during the conversion process, it will be your responsibility to check if the Pantone is the colour you require.


My artwork has been accepted and I am happy. Will there be any upfront costs?

Yes a deposit may be required in order to process an order. The amount will vary from customer to customer, from order to order. Orders may not be processed until the deposit is paid in full.


My questions were not answered here. Who can I contact?

Please give us a call on 01992 535 774 or drop us an email marketing@4acesltd.com . Our friendly staff are always happy to help and will get you into contact with someone who can help.

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