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From the traditional plastic tea stirrer and cardboard cup sleeve to the boutique birch wood stirrer, our range of coffee accessories ensures your customer can take their hot drink on the go. Our range comes in multi-pack sizes as well as individual cases, so whatever quantity you need we can supply.

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Moulded Pulp Fibre 4 Cup Carriers
Description Product code Quantity per case Pallet quantity Materials Capacity Beverage type Vending Diameters Select Quantity Add to list
Moulded Pulp Fibre 4 Cup Carriers DI4CC 180 50 Pulp Fiber 4 Cups - No -
Moulded Pulp Fibre 2 Cup Carriers DI2CC 360 50 Pulp Fibre 2 Cups - No -
8oz Cup Sleeves HHCS8 1000 75 Paper 8oz Hot n/a -
16oz and 12oz Cup Sleeves HHCS12 1000 60 Paper 12oz and 16oz Hot n/a -
5.5″ Wooden Stirrers AIWS14001 1000 120 Birch - Hot n/a -
7″ Wooden Stirrers AIWS19001 1000 90 Birch - Hot n/a -
Plastic White Stirrers EIPS00001 1000 255 Polystyrene - Hot n/a -
Plastic White Tea Spoons EIPLTSW0001 1000 - Polystyrene - Hot n/a -