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Top 10 For Facilities Managers

Tomorrow’s FM has now announced its top ten products and services providers, as voted by its readers, for 2017 – and we’re on the list !

At number six, we’ve beaten 44 other top providers to the FM industry, who were initially long-listed alongside us, and achieved a notably high ranking.

This is a real coup as we haven’t actively courted the FM industry in any big way. We’re aware that many of our products are used in offices and other corporate environments and that facilities managers make up part of our targeted audience however we have relied on word of mouth in this sector, to some extent. It’s great to see that the brand is recognised and deemed relevant to this specific market and we’d like to thank the readers of Tomorrow’s FM who gave us their vote.

We have been specifically recognised for our tailored print service, which has grown dramatically in popularity in recent months. Catering to customers who require smaller print runs of up to 50,000, the service is proving to be a big hit with suppliers engaging in joint ventures with customers, to get their own designs and branding into the market place.

We now sell a large amount of printed cups, per se, to facilities managers and coffee and vending machine operators who have established themselves in commercial environments. These customers want a reliable, quality product that will be delivered to their doors on time and who else but a recognised, top ten national product and services provider to pick up that baton.

It’s good to see our name out there once again.

See the article here: http://content.yudu.com/web/1jybr/0A1vxp9/TFMApril2017/flash/resources/index.htm?utm_campaign=Tomorrow’s%20FM%20April%202017&utm_source=emailCampaign&utm_medium=email&utm_content=