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Pints and Half Pints – Are reusables always the best option?

Serving pints and half pints saw a switch...

…From plastic disposables to reusables at Premier League football stadiums and the UK’s biggest festivals back in 2019. Glastonbury led the way by declaring a plastic-free event. It’s great such large organisations are doing their bit to reduce waste from events and the benefits of reusables are clear.

Are reusables the best option for all?

Although reusables are growing in popularity amongst the leading names in the sports and event industry, this may not be a feasible or affordable option for everyone. Whilst we all want to move towards doing our bit for the environment – sustainability is not the only concern. 

Factors to consider…

Health and safety – At festivals, events, pubs and bars, the safety of customers is always a top priority, and while glass is a great reusable product; it’s not always fit for purpose.

Sanitation – Even some of the UK’s biggest and best events do not always have access to reusable plastic or glass washing facilities.  

Efficiency – With the Six Nations already underway and Euro 2020 in the Summer, venues will once again be filling up with punters watching the action live. In easy to separate packs of 50, Plastic Pint and Half Pint Tumblers provide a quick solution to serve the masses.

Recycling Plastic

Pint and Half Pint Plastic Tumblers are a great alternative for festivals, events, pubs and bars and can be recycled.

Simply encourage customers and festivalgoers to place cups into well-marked recycling bins when finished! As Pints and Half Pints are made from one material, polypropylene, there is no need for separation. Check with local authorities that recycling PP is something they can provide, if not, programs such as Terracycle’s mail-in services are available. These will see waste from a company or event recycled into everyday items like garden rakes and plastic trays.

At 4 Aces Ltd, we pride ourselves on being a solution provider. Our catalogue of off the shelf products include; paper, biodegradable and reusable options, which helps our customers find a sustainable solution that fits their needs.