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We’ve been shortlisted again for a Vendie!!

Having won last year for ‘Best Product Innovation’, with the single cup dispenser, this year we find ourselves named in another category: Best Ancillary Product.

We’re depending on the Red Bean cup to bring us home the silverware later this month as this is the cup that the voters have chosen to feature in this category, along with an offering from Benders and products and services from Westomatic, The Vending Integrators and Vendmanager.

Our popular Red Bean cup, which underwent a design refresh earlier this year, is currently enjoying a renaissance.

The contemporary line’s universal appeal is reflected in the update, with the cup boasting a more vibrant appearance having embraced busier, eye-catching undertones.

It’s proved to be a hit in the marketplace since it’s relaunch, with sales rising as more customers become aware of the iconic product’s new look.

So, fingers crossed the Red Bean will impress the judges as much as it has impressed our customers…

All will be revealed at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel on the 28th June. Last year’s event was a good one, made even more memorable by our win. Let’s hope the winning streak continues.

Good luck to the contenders across all categories – we’ll see you on the day !